Invest in the only UK Property Fund that diversifies into the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors

8% - 12% Forecast Returns
  • Regular dividend payments
  • Independent Security Trustee
  • Fully asset backed with security registered at HM Land Registry
  • Limited Opportunity - £50m Raise

Why invest in Commercial Property?
More than half of UK consumers are now shopping online, and UK online spend is forecast to increase 29.6% by 2024.* This increase in online shopping will increase warehouse demand drastically and rents are forecast to rise by 2.2% a year by 2023.

Why invest in Residential Property?
An integral part of the nation’s coronavirus recovery plan includes investment in new social housing which will create jobs, support the construction sector and cater to an increase in demand created from unemployment

Why invest in the Hosptality Sector?
In 2021 The
UK hospitality sector is poised for a sharp uplift with up to 90% of UK holidaymakers now planning for a staycation type holiday